A nonprofit corporation formed in accordance with Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

“Together We Can”



Friends of Hamlet, inc.

The specific purposes for which this non-profit corporation is organized are:

 To enhance the beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities and the unique historical character of Hamlet.

 To preserve and protect the environment and natural qualities of the area around Hamlet

 To participate in the maintenance, enhancement, renovation and repair of historically significant structures and sites located in or near Hamlet.

 To furnish funds, property, grants, and services for other charitable endeavors as deemed appropriate by the Board Of Directors.

 To encourage the receipt of tax-deductible gifts of money, time and resources for the benefit and furtherance of all the aforementioned activities.

Together We Can!!!

David Lindsey
President, Friends of Hamlet, Inc.

Friends of Hamlet, Inc.
PO Box 1029
Hamlet, NC 28345

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